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“COLORBOARDS”: Add colour in the bathroom

Personalised bathroom design with custom made glass COLORBOARDS from KEUCO

The bathroom is more than just somewhere to wash. It is now a living space in its own right, a retreat in which to take care of oneself and a place for feeling relaxed and comfortable. As such, it’s becoming more important to create ambience and atmosphere in our bathrooms, to personalise them and make them as individual as any other room in the house. One of the best ways of doing this is through the use of colour. Rooms can look larger or smaller while moods and atmosphere can be created just by using colour cleverly. Colours trigger emotions; they refresh or calm. Blue and green hues are calming and relaxing; yellow and brown warm and harmonious; red and violet are stimulating and vitalizing. As a leading innovator in bathroom design, Keuco has embraced the subject of colour in the bathroom with its new “COLORBOARDS”

The COLORBOARDS are available in various contemporary colours including anthracite, red, green, violet and white. Any other RAL colour can also be custom made. The glass, lacquered on the back has a remarkably deep brilliance. It is also robust and extremely easy to care for. All COLORBOARDS are made with 10 mm thick toughened glass which is particularly temperature resistant and have a high impact resistance as well as tensile strength. The glass underside is coloured using a silkscreen printing more

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