Helping people enjoy their bathrooms for longer

Helping people enjoy their bathrooms for longer

We expect so much more from our bathrooms today than simply offering a place to wash. They have become a living space in their own right, a place of retreat where we can relax and recharge our batteries.  To be successful, a good bathroom needs to be designed for the individual user. 

We are particularly pleased then to have discovered Ruby Slippers which specialises in home renovations for people in their retirement years.  Based in Edinburgh, Ruby Slippers has developed a design concept  to help people enjoy living independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

Ruby Slippers’ ageless design concept aims to take account of the effects of ageing in an invisible way, incorporating simple, smart design features within the home to create a beautiful, stylish environment. This way, people can have a home that reflects the way they like to live today, sure in the knowledge that they will continue to be supported in a safe and comfortable environment for years to come.

Key to Ruby Slippers’ success is the extra care it takes at the design phase, exploring how each client uses his or her home, identifying what is wanted as well as what is needed and then selecting the most appropriate product for the job. When it comes to designing and installing new bathrooms, we are pleased to see that Keuco’s Plan Range is proving to be one of Ruby Slippers’ favourite recommendations.

With good design, home enhancements for retirement living should actually add value to the house and avoid the need for wasteful modifications in the future. Ruby Slippers’ ageless design concept has been developed with support from occupational therapists and ageing-in-place specialists and is fully aligned with Scottish building regulations. It draws its influence from the American concept of 'ageing-in-place', which takes a more progressive look at creating a supportive home environment.

If you are interested in finding out more about Ruby Slippers or ageless design, take a look at their website: or give them a call on 0131 660 9574.

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