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Keuco produce a fantastic range of mirror cabinets for your bathroom. Did you know that we actually produce 6 different variations of each cabinet in order to meet the electrical and safety regulations of various countries?

This information is for UK customers only - When buying one of our cabinets make sure it is suitable for installation in the UK. The article number of the item should look something like this

12703 171331 and NOT 12703 171301

A subtle difference of one digit. If the 10th digit is not a 3 then the cabinet cannot be installed in the UK as it will contain a 240v socket rather than a shaver socket as required under UK Law. If in doubt please contact your local Keuco retailer. Find them at www.keuco.co.uk/search

The main keuco.com website only has article numbers for German cabinets

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Edition Lignatur

"It is our nature to develop high-quality bathroom concepts." 
With furniture made of natural wood, the luxurious bathroom furnishing concept EDITION LIGNATUR is the outcome of traditional craftsmanship from TEAM 7 and first-class bathroom expertise from KEUCO.

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